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Tran Dental Denver

One More Reason to Smile


Teeth Whitening

We offer in office and take home whitening to brighten your smile for weddings, birthdays, vacations or just a referesher.

Dental Cleaning

We provide gentle and thorough dental cleanings that will leave your mouth healthy and refreshed!

Crowns, Bridges and Root canal

We believe in saving your teeth. So we place crowns on teeth that are broken or have large leaky fillings. We replace missing teeth with bridges as an affordable option to implants. We remove infection in teeth that if left untreated would need extraction and lead to a toothache by providing root canals.

Implant placement

We replace missing teeth with dental implants at or after the time of tooth removal. This preserves your smile, facial structure and ability to chew.

Extractions- tooth removal

We reserve space for patients with emergency needs by offering same day appointments. Give us a call and we will get you right in.


Kids teeth are just as important as adult teeth. How we take care of them sets the stage for the health, growth and developement of our adult teeth. So we teach our youngest patients great habits for a lifetime.


Phung Nguyen

I’ve been going here off and on since I was a kid. There was the old man dentist, then a younger lady dentist, and now a new dentist who is outgoing and is vocal about what she is doing. She explained what the different equipment does! Before, I just followed the motions of what is asked of me…but now, I understand what is being done! Great job on the communication department!
I stopped going right when the pandemic started so it’s been almost 3 years since I visited a dentist. I thought my teeth were in excellent health so I really don’t need to see a dentist every six months.
I decided to visit the dentist just to see how my teeth were doing just to be safe….long and behold….with X-rays and some fancy camera equipment, the new dentist showed me with photos that… teeth aren’t at 100% as I had thought. Glad I came back and caught things early!
Thanks for being a part of our community!
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